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GOP Senators say no to Bush's latest offer on torture

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CNN just reported that GOP Senators have rejected Bush's compromise torture bill.

Though, there's still a "50/50 chance" that they'll cut a deal.

I have a suggestion. Today's Washington Post gives a rundown on some of the techniques being debated:

While it is not clear exactly what techniques the White House wishes to keep, sources have said those previously used include nakedness, prolonged sensory assault and deprivation, the imposition of "stress" positions, and water submersion to the verge of drowning. Bush has said none of those amounts to torture.
Since the White House says what it's doing isn't torture, they need to set up a demonstration. Take someone like Karl Rove or Ken Mehlman, and apply some of those techniques. Do it on live TV (although no nakedness from either..ick). I wonder what kind of confessions could be wrangled from those two after a little waterboarding. Their boss says it's not torture.

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