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GOP congressman says House leaders should step down if knew about Foley and didn't act. Bush Admin. refuses to investigate Foley case.

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The latest from the New York Times, tomorrow's story:

1. Rep. Chris Shays (R-CT) says any House GOP leader who knew about Foley and didn't act should step down.

Representative Christopher Shays, Republican of Connecticut, said any leader who had been aware of Mr. Foley’s behavior and failed to take action should step down. “If they knew or should have known the extent of this problem, they should not serve in leadership,” Mr. Shays said.
2. GOP campaigns who took money from Foley are being asked to return it.
In another example of the potential political consequences of the Foley case, the opponent of Representative Deborah Pryce of Ohio, the fourth-ranking House Republican, called on Ms. Pryce to return $5,000 in aid she received from Mr. Foley. Mr. Foley, who served on the powerful Ways and Means Committee, also gave at least $100,000 to the party campaign committee in July.
3. Taking the lead from House Republicans, Bush Administration refusing to investigate child sex predator, even though the FBI was given copies of the emails by CREW back in July.
At the Justice Department, an official said that there was no investigation under way but that the agency had “real interest” in examining the circumstances to see if any crimes were committed.
CREW gave the FBI the emails two months ago. The FBI isn't investigating, but says they're interested in seeing if any crime was committed, but don't plan to investigate. Uh, apparently not that much interest. Then again, it's only a child sex offender.

It's good to know that George Bush doesn't care about child sex predators even two days after the story becomes a national scandal. How would Bush feel if some 52 year old guy asked Jenna and Barbara, at the age of 16, if he made them feel horny, and then asked to describe how they masturbate? How is this any different than Denny Hastert, Shimkus and the rest of the House Republicans refusing to investigate Foley when they knew about this last year? It's not.

4. NYT reporters CARL HULSE and RAYMOND HERNANDEZ plagiarize GOP talking points.

The Times apparently doesn't find it relevant that Foley asked a 16 year old boy about his underage friend's great body. Not to mention, they plagiarized the GOP talking points, literally. Check out how the NYT describes the Foley emails - in fact, the NYT describes the Foley emails using language straight out of the House Republican's statement today:
In those messages, Mr. Foley asked about the well-being of the boy, a Monroe, La., resident, after Hurricane Katrina and requested a photograph.

He wrote: “How are you weathering the hurricane. . .are you safe. . .send me a pic of you as well.”
Now take a look at how Rep. Shimkus portrayed the creepy emails in a statement he released last night, constructed with the help of Denny Hastert's office:
In that email exchange, Congressman Foley asked about the former Page's well-being after Hurricane Katrina and requested a photograph. When asked about the email exchange, Congressman Foley said he expressed concern about the Page's well-being and wanted a photo to see that the former Page was alright.
Ah yes, why should NYT reporters Hulse and Hernandez report the facts when they have GOP spin that they can simply plagiarize as their own words.

As for the Times stating that the Foley emails were simply asking about the well-being of the boy after Hurricane Katrina, unless Foley was worried about the well-being of an underage boy's "really great" body, this description is utter bullshit. How does the Times fail to mention the one email that is the creepiest? The email in which Foley mentions another 16 year old page and how the boy "acts much older than his age" (what? like a high school junior instead of a sophomore?) and how the underage boy is in "really great shape." Oh yeah, no problem with some 52 year old guy saying that about a sixteen year old boy to another sixteen year old boy.

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