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Flip-floppers? Cowards?

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Or just standard, run of the mill political opportunists? Suddenly the GOP wants to show America that they are somehow independent from the failed policies of the Bush administration. Uh huh, right.

Consider Rep. Deborah Pryce , the fourth-ranking House Republican struggling to hold onto her seat in an evenly split district in central Ohio, near Columbus.

In 2004, her campaign Web site featured a banner of her and Bush sitting together, smiling. But in her latest television ad, Pryce is described as "independent." The spot also highlights how she "stood up to her own party" and the president to support increased federal funds for embryonic stem-cell research.

Read on to see how so many other flip-floppers have responded to a little heat. Talk about cut and run...that sums up the GOP strategy for 2006. Run as far away from Dear Leader as possible.

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