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Condi, who lied to Americans about the Iraq War, challenges Clinton

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This is rich. We're in a war that has made Americans less safe because of the lies from Condi and her boss. Now, she's challenging Bill Clinton. Of course, she had run to the editorial board of the NY Post to make her accusations -- that's second best to FOX News for the right wingers.

Remember her infamous line: "we don't want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud"? Given her history of lying to the American people about national security, Condi doesn't have the credibility to challenge anyone else's veracity. Seriously, how can anyone in the media trust anything that comes out of the mouths of any member of the Bush administration?:

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice challenged former President Bill Clinton's claim that he did more than many of his conservative critics to pursue al Qaeda, saying in an interview published Tuesday that the Bush administration aggressively pursued the group even before the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

"What we did in the eight months was at least as aggressive as what the Clinton administration did in the preceding years," Rice said during a meeting with editors and reporters at the New York Post.
Funny, but that's not what the Washington Post concluded in a devastating analysis of the Bush administration's utter failure to take on Osama and Al Qaeda in the months preceding 9/11.

Condi and her boss knew that there were Al Qaeda sleeper cells operating in the U.S. back in 2001. Condi's boss got a briefing from the CIA on August 6, 2001 titled "Bin Ladin determined to strike in U.S." Condi's boss stayed on vacation. That would not have been Bill Clinton's response.

Bush and Rice have been busted. They ignored terrorism in 2001. Now, they've made the world a more dangerous place because of the Iraq War. They lied about that war, now we're all less safe. The media has played along for the past five years, pretending that Bush is somehow a strong leader on national security. He's not.

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