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Bush won't help fight the terror of crime in US cities

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Bush is too worried about terrorism to worry about Americans being terrorized in their own neighborhoods:

Americans were robbed and victimized by gun violence at greater rates last year than the year before, even though overall violent and property crime reached a 32-year low, the Justice Department said on Sunday.

The increases buttress reports from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and from mayors and police chiefs that violent crime is beginning to rise after a long decline. Bush administration officials expressed concern but said it was too soon to tell if a new upward trend had begun.
a couple weeks ago, a top Bush Justice Department Official recently told a group of Mayors and Police Chiefs that all the money was being spent on fighting terror:
"I wish I could stand here and say all that will be restored in the next year or two," McNulty said. "We are facing some big challenges. I see the challenges in fighting the war on terror. I see it is very expensive to fund soldiers overseas. At the same time, we have to find ways to get resources to win here at home."
So, the message from Bush is tough luck for you if you get robbed or shot or attacked in the your city or town. They're too busy to help.

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