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Bush thinks that as commander-in-chief he's now leading a "third awakening" of Christianity in America

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There is so much wrong with what Bush said today, it's difficult to begin.

First off, I don't need to get my Christianity lessons from my president.

Second, he sure as hell isn't the messiah, predicting the future of Christianity and implying he's one of its leaders, and for him to speak that way is downright scary. It's scary from a foreign policy perspective, from my perspective as a Christian, and my perspective as an American.

Third, it is completely inappropriate to talk about the war on terror being linked to some alleged Christian revival in America. I thought the war was on terror, not on other religions. Not to mention, is Bush somehow implying that we will win the war on terror by spreading Christianity? Is this a crusade now? It's one thing to talk about the origins (at least part of the origins) of the current terror battle being in radical Islam, it's quite another to say that somehow Christianity is also involved in this battle. We are not fighting the war on terror on behalf of Christianity.

And fourth, the real world implications of what Bush just said are the following:

- poke a nice stick in the eye of one billion Muslims, guaranteeing another large handful join up with Osama in order to blow up a few more American airplanes.

- Bush puts himself on an even higher pedestal, this time as leader of the new wave of Christianity, so he becomes even more untouchable and more impervious to reason. Meaning, he'll do what he wants, no matter how crazy. Where has that logic gotten us so far?

It's really time for more Republicans and/or conservatives to start speaking up. This man is your president. He's quickly moving from incompetent to delusional, all the while endangering our entire nation.

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