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American Airlines almost diverts airliner over gay kiss

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That's a public accommodations lawsuit, assuming public accommodations law covers sexual orientation where you're from. This is pretty sick. You really need to read the entire - after discrimination against the gay couple because some other passengers don't like gay people, the American crew threatened to divert the plane. Time for a big lawsuit against American.

And let me add, yet another reason to avoid US carriers when you fly abroad. Their service stinks, the seats and rows have become insanely small, increasingly US flight attendants are some of the most arrogant people I've ever dealt with (Delta vs. Air France, ha!), the food has become horrendous, you now pay for the liquor in coach (but not on foreign carriers), and honestly, which airlines do you think the bad guys are targeting first? Patriotism is one thing, but when I fly I want to feel safe, and why fly in a sardine with rude people AND feel less safe? I'll put French security above US any day.

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