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Lieberman says Connecticut voters who oppose him have forgotten September 11 and are soft on national security

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How dare he.

Now Joe Lieberman is the only Democrat who apparently cares about national security. Just ask him.

Lieberman said that this race is about whether the Democratic Party “will accept a diversity of opinion” on national security. He defined himself as a Democrat in the mold of John F. Kennedy, Harry S Truman and Bill Clinton – that is, one with “a real socially progressive record, and strong on national security.”

He said a victory for Lamont will send a message to the country: “In the Democratic Party, there’s no room for strong-on-security Dems.” He said that would be disastrous for the Democrats. “You can’t win in this country,” he said, “unless you assure people" that you aren’t going to compromise on national security. He said he has backed the war on terror because he never forgets about the “radical Islamic terrorists who attacked us on 9/11 and want to do it again.”
(Politics TV has the video.) Oh, so folks who are unhappy with Lieberman are soft on national security and don't remember September 11.

What a self-serving, selfish, egotistical piece of Republican trash this man has become. So Joe Lieberman is claiming that everything is going great in Iraq not because he's out of touch, not because he has a seemingly inquenchable desire to pander to George Bush and defend him at all costs. Oh no. Joe Lieberman says that Iraq is going great because HE remembers September 11 and YOU don't. Because he is strong on national defense and YOU aren't.

Remember all those people who died in the World Trade Center? The hundreds who died in the Pentagon? The hundreds more who died in the various aircraft hijacked throughout the northeast?

Of course you don't. You see, you don't remember September 11. Only Joe Lieberman remembers September 11. Only Joe Lieberman apparently lost loved ones on that day, feared for their lives and their country. Yep, September 11 was all about Joe Lieberman. For the rest of us, it was Disneyland.

Who is running for Senate in Connecticut, anyway? Karl Rove?

So the only way for a Democrat to be "strong on security" is to pander to Republicans and trash his own party while lying to the American people about what's really happening in Iraq. And the only way for a Democrat to show they remember September 11 is to sit back, shut up and let the the Bush administration do whatever it wants, with no congressional oversight, and no dissent when our country begins to head horribly in the wrong direction. That is Joe Lieberman's definition of a Democrat.

Let Lieberman be clear: It's all everyone else's fault that Joe Lieberman is in trouble. It's not that Lieberman has lost touch. It's that he's the only guy left standing who actually loves America.

It sounds more like he loves Big Brother.

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