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Lieberman attacks Democratic party as full of "extremists" again today on Good Morning America

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Lieberman this morning on Good Morning America.

So I worry that this victory yesterday by Ned Lamont -- which was a narrow victory -- will send a message across our state and our country that the Democratic Party has taken -- has been taken over by people who are not from the mainstream of America and that they are going to make this not Bill Clinton's Democratic Party anymore. And remember, Bill Clinton was a mainstream Democrat who was elected twice and governed with great success.
Interesting rhetoric, since Bill Clinton is now supporting Ned Lamont. But hey, this is from the guy who says Iraq is going great.

The next three months are going to be filled with the vile rantings of this Karl Rove clone who never saw a Democrat he didn't bash. Lieberman's message to America? The Democratic party has been taken over by extremists who don't remember September 11 and who are soft on national security. This is the message he's going to spreading to America from now until the election. It's George Bush's message, it's Karl Rove's message. And it is THE message that is going to define the fall elections unless the Democrats find a way to shut him up.

It's funny how Lieberman's desire for finding common ground and making nice only applies to Republicans. When he was running against Dick Cheney for the VP slot, Lieberman was a pussy cat, couldn't have been nicer to Cheney during the debates. But when he runs against a Democrat for the Senate seat, Lieberman is suddenly vicious as hell, and more than willing to smear the entire Democratic party on his road to defeat.

Joe Lieberman has become the Zell Miller of the Democratic party. A spiteful, hateful man who lost his way and became a Republican, yet never had the courage to just admit it.

The only thing taken over by extremism is Joe Lieberman.

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