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Josh Marshall debunks the GOP deification of Lieberman

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Josh Marshall had a great analysis of the Lieberman race on titled "Joe Lieberman Lost the Old-fashioned Way." He nailed it like he usually does.

Unfortunately, Mike Allen also had a piece in Time, "Why the Republicans are loving the Lieberman loss" that basically bought the GOP talking points hook, line and sinker. The traditional media does have a propensity to buy Republican spin -- no matter how far-fetched it is.

On his blog, Josh Marshall dissects that Mike Allen article in a very good post and tries to bring some sanity to the GOP histrionics. It's definitely worth a read. My favorite excerpt:

What's really sad is that the nexus of national press and political operative bigwigs really needs to get over itself a bit here. Because once they do, they may actually be able to get over Joe Lieberman.

Joe Lieberman is not a world-historical figure.

He's not fighting some long twilight struggle.

He thinks he's both. But he's not....

The heart of the matter here is that everyone knows Joe in DC. They like him. They think he's a nice guy, which he is. His staff likes him, which also makes him seem like a nice guy. He's schmoozed the city for two decades.

But really he's just a pol who ignored his constituents, went into serious denial about a major foreign policy disaster, was more lockstep with the president's non-policy than many Republicans, and got bounced by his constituents.

That's politics. And that's accountability. And, really? It's not that big a deal.

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