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"Yo Blair" a real hit in the UK

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What proud nation wants their leader to be toyed with on a world stage like the G8 Summit? If ever there were a doubt about Blair and his total submission and overall poodle-ness, the "private chat" that was picked up from St. Petersburg should put those doubts to rest. I couldn't care less about Bush saying "shit" but his body language and dismissive words in that video clip were shocking, though typical of what we know about Bush when the camera is not turned on, or at least when he knows a camera is on.

This is classic Bush, the strutting cocky guy who believes that he is at the top of the food chain with all others there to serve the master. (Remember the story of Bush spraying sand from his bike on Prodi at the summit last year?) As he chomps away on his bread and yaps (once again, who raised this guy?) I have to wonder what someone like Blair sees in this guy. Blair likes to submit and for reasons which are beyond me, loves to stay in Bush's orbit. No matter how dismissive Bush is of Blair - and he dismisses Blair's overtures to visit the troubled region and instead talks about Condi visiting - Blair just continues to stick around like a dog waiting for his master to show him some love.

What an embarrassment to the people of Britain.

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