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Rove: Plame leaker should be fired

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If Rove thinks the person who leaked Plame's name should be fired, it would indicate that the leaker still works at the White House. The only staff person besides Scooter Libby implicated in the leak is Karl Rove. Libby doesn't work there anymore. Can he fire himself?:

As for the Plame affair, Rove stumbled and then refused to answer.

Valerie Plame was an undercover CIA agent whose identity administration sources revealed to conservative columnist Robert Novak after her husband, Ambassador Joseph Wilson, publicly challenged the administration's claims about Iraq's nuclear program. Her career with the CIA ended, and some of her sources may have been in jeopardy as a result of the leak.

Isaacson posed the question in the same way [President Bill] Clinton had Friday night. Issacson, parroting Clinton, pointed out that if a member of the Clinton administration had outed a CIA officer, "You'd be sending people to demand impeachment. You'd be playing it better than the Democrats can play it against you."

Rove then said that after a "careful, thoughtful, aggressive investigation," then the person responsible should be fired.

"Have confidence in the process," he said.

But Isaacson continued pressing on the issue asking, "Don't you have some regrets about that? That was [a] regrettable event."

"I'm going to respect the fact that there's an ongoing case," Rove said, again to hissing from the audience.
Clinton nailed it, as usual.

(Thanks to Today's ThinkFast AM at Think Progress)

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