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House GOP pushing "Terri Schiavo" agenda

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Anyway they can find to intrude in to your life they will. That seems to be the motto for the Republican party these days. The ultra-right wingers in the House are going to push through their theocratic agenda this summer. That's freaking out some of the less right-wing GOPers:

Frustrated and angry, they say the leadership's new American Values Agenda, a list of initiatives heavy on ideological themes, seems short-sighted and ill-timed considering that few conservatives are at serious risk in November.

"It was stupid and gross," said Representative Christopher Shays, Republican of Connecticut. "They have this obsession to satisfy conservative Republicans who will probably be re-elected no matter what happens. They get job satisfaction, but they are making it more difficult for me to win my race."
Tough luck for you, Chris Shays. You think you're one of them, but they really hate you. Let's hope that the new GOP strategy is, in fact, a winning strategy for the Democrats.

Rahm's got the talking point:
Democrats say the ideologically tinged votes could benefit their candidates in areas where they hope to defeat Republicans.

"It reminds people that the Republican Party is the party of Terri Schiavo," said Representative Rahm Emanuel of Illinois, chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, referring to Republican intercession this year in the case of the Florida woman whose husband wanted her removed from a feeding tube.
Remind people every day that the Republican Party is the party of Terri Schiavo.

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