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Evangelicals support torture

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If that isn't the biggest bunch of garbage you've ever heard, well... It never ceases to amaze me how un-Christian and fringe America's religious right leadership truly is.

Their latest target? They're upset about a religious effort to oppose torture. And apparently, even more bizarre, their argument goes something along the lines of: There is torture in Saudi Arabia and China and North Korea so why should we be upset about it in America?

Well, here's a thought. Because some of us don't want to live in Saudi Arabia, China or North Korea. And because some of us actually expect more from America than we expect from a communist dictatorship. I mean, do these people use the same arguments about the Ten Commandments? Hey, God's law is a good idea, but let's face it, Godless murderers don't abide by God's law, so why should we?

These people are an ongoing embarrassment to everything God and Jesus and religion stand for. They're an embarrassment to all Christians, and especially, evangelicals. They're not people of faith, they're not Godly, they're not Christian. They're simply some very angry, nasty, hateful far-right conservatives who like to wrap their hate in the mantle of God because otherwise they'd be exposed as the out-of-touch kooks they really are.

It's high time real evangelicals and real Christians stood up to these sick brutes and told them enough is enough.

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