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DC police had address of suspect before he slashed Brit's throat in Georgetown

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Gee, what a surprise. So the guy who slashed the throat of a young Englishman in Georgetown last week, and then tried to rape his girlfriend, had actually committed a crime a few weeks before, the DC police had the guy's address, but did nothing about it. So the guy stayed at large and then murdered someone. I seriously hope his family sues the DC police for millions.

The Georgetown woman said she is a victim from one of the earlier cases: She was attacked about 2 a.m. June 11 near 27th and P streets NW by three men who put a gun in her face, grabbed her purse and demanded her cellphone. She was not injured.

About a week after she was robbed, the Georgetown woman said, she got a letter from her credit card company notifying her that her card was used to order an item being shipped to the 2700 block of Robinson Place SE.

The item was ordered from a company that sells male-enhancement products. The woman said she alerted the police, figuring the information would lead to the robbers.

Police responded by telling her they could not get an arrest warrant without first doing surveillance at the apartment building and then conducting a lineup to determine whether she could identify suspects. She said she was sure she could identify her attackers and was waiting for a call from the police.

Instead, she said, on July 9 she saw the faces of the men who robbed her flash across a television screen because they had been arrested in Senitt's slaying.

In addition to the address she provided, police also had surveillance video of the suspects from a camera at a gas station, where the suspects apparently used a credit card taken in another robbery, the Georgetown woman said.
The police had to do more surveillance? She said she could ID the guys, the cops had video of the guys committing a crime in progress by using her stolen credit card, the cops had proof that the stolen credit was used to mail goods to the suspect's address, but that's not enough to bring the suspects in for a line-up. Again, do you get what I'm telling you about how corrupt and inept things are in this city?

When I was mugged a few years back, and the guys tried to strangle me, I ID'd the third accomplice who the muggers were hanging with while picking who to attack. He was still at the 7-11 when the cops arrived. The cops talked to him, weren't able to get him to name the kids who attacked me, so they let him go, and that was the last time they talked to him.

Like I said, the public safety institutions in this town, from the Mayor to the Police Chief, are a joke. Have been a joke for years. And nothing ever gets done about it.

But hey, a few days ago the DC City Council did vote to give the police chief a whopping 33% increase to his pension. And who says crime doesn't pay?

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