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DC police chief declares "crime emergency"

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Yeah, DC crime is just like crime back home, all major cities have it. Oh, that's right, I can't recall ever having had crime state of emergencies declared back home.

D.C. Police Chief Charles H. Ramsey reacted yesterday to a recent surge in homicides by declaring a "crime emergency," a move that gives him the freedom to quickly adjust officers' schedules and restrict their days off.

Fourteen people have been killed since July 1 in the District, in all quadrants of the city, and police are being pressured to take action by residents at community meetings and vigils to honor the dead.

The victims included a popular store owner slain at closing time, a community activist killed in a park and a British citizen whose throat was slit in Georgetown.

The most recent to die was 23-year-old Michael Dorsey, of Capitol Heights. He was found shot in the chest just after 2 a.m. this morning, in the hallway of an apartment building of Gallaudet St. NE. Three other people were also shot in the city overnight, but were expected to live, police said.
For years now, DC has had one of the worst violent crime rates of any state and/or major metropolitan area in America. Even if violent crime improves across the country, and even if it improves in DC, we never stop being one of the worst in the entire country, if not the worst.

It's a bit like a student failing a test, repeatedly, for years, then claiming that he did better this year. Sure he did, but the entire class did better too, and they did better than him, so he still gets an F. Or at best, he finally gets an F+. That's nothing to be proud about. These are the same issues I worked on a few years back after my mugging. Same clowns, same circus. Nothing ever changes in the city that wants to be a real boy.

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