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Conservative pundit Ann Coulter admits to recent fake-Anthrax mailing to NYT

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If any of us admitted publicly to having committed a recent act of terrorism, we'd be locked up immediately. But when lead Republicans admit to such things, the Bush administration does nothing. Pat Robertson suggests that the State Department should be nuked (he really did), and no one bats an eye. Ann Coulter first suggests that Timothy McVeigh should have considered blowing up the New York Times, that the NYT executive editor should be executed, and this week, according to published reports, Coulter says she sent fake Anthrax to the New York Times (they received an envelope with white powder last week).

Did Coulter send the fake Anthrax? She says she did.

Will she or any other conservative voicing support for terrorist acts against Americans ever be held accountable by this administration? Or at least by their own party? Or will Pat Robertson continue to be the religious darling of the Republican party and the Bush White House, and will Ann Coulter continue to receive her tens of thousands of dollars in speaking fees at Republican conferences and events?

Unlikely. After all, we do have stem cells, gay marriage, and the flag to worry about. Who can expect the Bush administration to be actually worried about terrorism, especially when it comes from the mouths of their biggest supporters.

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