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1. As Chris noted, we'll find out soon just how important Zarqawi was to all the violence. If the violence abates, Bush was right. If it continues, then we got fed another lie.

2. Al Qaeda is - what? - like 10% of the total problem we're facing in Iraq? Most of the fighters are home grown and have nothing to do with Al Qaeda, so how does Zarqawi's death help change anything?

3. The Sunnis and the Shiites hate each other. Again, how does Zarqawi's death change that?

4. How's Osama doing?

If Zarqawi is such a big deal, then it's great that we got him. But I can't help but feel a nagging "so what" in my gut, at least as it concerns the situation in Iraq. In a month, I fear things are going to be just as bad as ever, and the public will quickly forget the "victory" over Zarqawi just as the capture of Saddam didn't change much either.

It's a civil war, and our commander in chief is incompetent. Plus ca change...

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