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This time change thing is really not good

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Just got back from dinner. Ugh. At the YearlyKos conference in Vegas. We have a full-day media training tomorrow, starting at 8:15AM. UGH. Will be worthwhile though - the same guy who did the training for us in SF will be conducting. Basically, he's helping a group of us bloggers get better at presenting ourselves, and our side of the argument, on TV. He even gave us homework! I'm getting up at 7 to do it. Hopefully they'll let us blog during the training - not sure. Anyway, Joe will cover for part of the day, and then he's flying out here too tomorrow afternoon. I'm sitting on 3 different panels - 2 for the Kos conference Friday afternoon, and one for a Young Democrats group on Saturday, they're holding a convention here as well. Should be fun.

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