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Reid pushing Iran Intel Accountability bill

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Harry Reid is unveiling his new legislative proposal to hold the Bush administration accountable at the Yearly Kos conference tonight:

Reid said Democrats will take new steps to hold senior Bush administration officials accountable for their statements on Iran, similar to their fight to hold them accountable for their statements about the Iraq war.

"All of us as Americans need to review how the Bush Administration cherry-picked and hyped the case for war with Iraq to sell it to Congress and the American people, so we can make sure it never happens again," Reid said.

Reid's proposed bill, called the Iran Intelligence Oversight Act, would require an updated national intelligence estimate on Iran, with an unclassified summary made public.
It's unfortunate that legislation is needed to prevent Bush from lying to get us in to another war. It's unfortunate that the Democrats have to spell out for the Republicans what their oversight role is. It's unfortunate that Bush will probably lie and break this law, too.

The only way to rein in Bush is with a Democratic's the only way.

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