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Propaganda program #1 failed, so it's back to FEAR

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Why is it that this video of the 20th 9/11 hijacker has suddenly appeared now? And wait a minute, I thought we were told that Moussaoui was the 20th and we found justice. Don't tell me that he was just another nutcase like Abu Zubaydah who was propped up to give the appearance of a big success in the so-called war on terror.

So here we are, about a week after the major propaganda/PR spin machine wrapped up its Mission Accomplished II program and what do we have? Iraq is as violent as ever. US soldiers kidnapped and mutilated. And now, the old fall back position of fear and 9/11. This team is so predictable and what's not to love about the incredible timing involved? Suddenly out of nowhere as if someone is desperately trying to change the subject away from the failures of Iraq, the 20th hijacker is back with us, only he's been dead for a few years. But not to worry because here's the message of this newest propaganda tool to get us all back into the spirit:

The video includes footage of al-Nashimi justifying attacks against the West. It also contains 27 minutes of previously unheard audio of a siege that he took part in on oil facilities in Khobar, Saudi Arabia.

Screeching car tires and gunfire are heard as the terror cell moved from building to building. A voice in Arabic can be heard saying: "Where are the Americans? ... Give me the information."

The demands are punctuated with more gunfire.

Remember to be afraid. 9/11. Hijacker. 9/11. Kill. 9/11. Screeching tires. 9/11. 9/11. 9/11.

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