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Pics from the YearlyKos conference

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Me and Maureen Dowd, the fantabulous writer from the New York Times. She was really really nice. Everyone wanted to talk to her, and did, and she took the time to talk to everyone, get pictures snapped, etc. We talked at length about Jeff Gannon (she was one of the good journalists who actually wrote about it). I did hear that things got a bit weird when one excited fan came up to her and said "I love you Arianna!" (true story).

Panoramic view from my hotel window (click to see larger image).

Air America's Sam Seder on a panel with me about the media.

The view of the Paris hotel, or whatever it's called, from the Bellagio (click to see bigger pic). I'm sorry, but Vegas is just stunning. It may have been tacky once, and a lot of the tourists are still tacky, but the new architecture is stunning.

Markos speaking on the "Hot Topics" (i.e., free for all) panel with me, Atrios and Jane from Firedoglake.

Another view from the hotel window.

Naomi (left) and Melanie (right) of CREW, the kick-ass ethics watchdogs.

Yep, another panorama (click to see it large).

Atrios, being salient.

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