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Now that Bush is a lame duck, it's going to be "September 11" all the time. Got ducktape?

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It sucks to be a lame duck.

  • Gas prices are through the roof.
  • You've botched an entire war.
  • Driven the country into bankrupcy.
  • Lost an entire American city.
  • And when you pulled out the gay-bashing card, it didn't work.
What's the most incompetent president in US history to do? Divide the nation some more by using the code words: "war against terror," "September the 11th," "evil-doers."

The GOP is going back to what worked for them in 2002 and 2004. It's all they've got. (And in all fairness, 2004 was as much about John Kerry's flaws as the Bush message's strengths.)

Karl Rove, the guy who endangered national security by outing a CIA agent, started the attacks on Democrats last night in New Hampshire. Rove, who was able to avoid the draft, was dissing war heroes Kerry and Murtha. He goes right for the jugular. Atrios has the response from the Senate Majority Project. In a nutshell, draft dodgers who endanger national security shouldn't lecture war heroes. They should be in jail. (Okay, that last part is our little addition to the message.)

On cue, President 29%-Approval-Rating devoted a whole paragraph in Baghdad today to "September the 11th" -- still linking Iraq to the terror attacks (warning: this links to the White House home page):
You know, right after September the 11th I knew that some would forget the dangers we face. Some would hope that the world would be what it's not -- a peaceful place in which people wouldn't want to do harm to those of us who love freedom. I vowed that day, after September the 11th, to do everything I could to protect the American people. And I was able to make that claim because I knew there were people such as yourself who were willing to be on the front line in the war on terror.
Iraq had nothing to do with "September the 11th." But in all fairness to the president, Iraq is the front line of the war on terror because Bush made it so. Saddam had no ties to Al Qaeda, zero, until Bush invaded and now Al Qaeda is all over the country using it as their training ground. So Bush created a terror haven in Iraq. Thanks George.

But, the truth never mattered to this White House (WMD anyone?). And, the White House lies and personal smear attacks are only going to get worse because it's campaign season. The Republicans have bankrupted our country, and led us into a war that is now a disaster. They are in serious trouble, and no longer have any original ideas left. So, it's back to the same campaign plan. Tax cuts we can't afford, and wars we can't win.

Are the Democrats ready for it?

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