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How high up does the Haditha cover up go?

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George Bush is too pre-occupied with gay-bashing these days to worry about the pesky situation in Iraq. But while he tries to change the subject, most Americans know that Iraq is a disaster. The latest controversy over the Haditha killings continues to focus on the cover up and just how high it extends. Bush can't deal with that while he's worrying about the private lives and loves of Americans. But the cover-up of Haditha is a burning question:

A senior Marine general familiar with the investigation, which is being led by Maj. Gen. Eldon A. Bargewell of the Army, said in an interview that it had not yet established how high up the chain of command culpability for the killings extended. But he said there were strong suspicions that some officers knew that the Marine squad's version of events had enough holes and discrepancies that it should have been looked into more deeply.
Once again, no surprise, Rumsfeld is not taking any responsibility. In fact, it sounds like he's blaming the Iraqis:
But [Rumsfeld] sought to dispel the notion that there is a systemic problem involving the conduct of U.S. troops in Iraq or heightened concerns over the ability of U.S. forces to maintain security in Anbar Province.

The major obstacle to progress in Iraq, he suggested, was not the United States' doing at all, but the slow efforts of Maliki's government to appoint Defense and Interior ministers, two jobs that are central to securing Iraq.

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