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Hillary calls for "Privacy Bill of Rights"

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I feel like Diogenes. Finally.

Senator Clinton spoke today at the American Constitution Society's 2006 National Convention. She presented her vision of a Privacy Bill of Rights, and none too soon. We have seen weekly privacy invasions for months now. From the growing domestic spying scandal, to veterans' data being stolen, to companies losing data affecting millions of customers, to people selling your cell phone information online.

For some reason, politicians from both parties seem to be loathe to enter the fray on the privacy issue. When in fact, privacy is a great issue to jump on. First off, it sounds good. Who isn't for privacy? Secondly, it's an issue that appeals to lots of folks on the left and the right (gun folks like privacy too). Third, it drives the religious right crazy - they think privacy leads to people having sex. So, you've got an issue that appeals to all Dems, moderate and even some middle-of-the-road Republicans, and even some conservative Republicans, while ticking off the religious right. How can you do better than that?

Anyway, here's the link to the video of Hillary's speech.

And here's are some highlights, provided by the American Constitution Society:

-Senator Clinton's Privacy Bill will be known as the Privacy Rights and Oversight for Electronic and Commercial Transactions Act of 2006 (PROTECT Act)
-The PROTECT Act will protect consumer information by allowing credit card companies, banks and other financial service providers to share information only when customers "opt it." Current law requires consumers to opt out.
-It will protect cell phone numbers and call records against disclosure.
-It will allow victims of identity theft to immediately freeze their credit rating.
-It will allow consumers to sue financial service providers to sue directly in federal court for violations of their privacy.
-It will create a right to be notified immediately if you are a victim of identity theft, to know when your information is transmitted overseas, and to receive a free copy of your credit report each year.
-It will create a "privacy czar" within the Office of Management and Budget.
-It will expand HIPAA by adding additional sanctions to ensure violators are held accountable.

In her speech, Clinton said she was inspired by the recent theft of Veteran's Administration record that you have blogged about. She also included several skillful digs against the administration, including one to the effect of "we must be better prepared to deal with privacy that we were to deal with hurricanes."

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