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"Ex"-gay group says Bush invited them to the White House

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The anti-gay groups who claim they can "pray away the gay" (but always seem to have the same handful of spokesmen and no other proof of their "success") are now claiming that they attended today's White House ceremony announcing Bush's support (again) for the anti-gay constitutional amendment. Here's the press release on the group's Web site (and I am NOT going to link to these dangerous quacks):

Worldwide Network of Former Homosexuals to Take Part in White House Ceremony as Bush Endorses Marriage Protection Amendment
Ex-Gay Organization Says Protecting Marriage is Key to Preserving the Future

Dated: June 5th, 2006

Orlando, FL- Representatives from the world’s largest outreach to those affected by unwanted homosexuality will join other pro-family organizations as President Bush endorses a federal amendment that defines marriage as between one man and one woman in a White House ceremony today.
Then again, these guys also claim that they can cure gays with prayer and a bit of manly sports (I'm not kidding), so perhaps we should take this with a grain of salt.

Anybody wanting to know more about who these "ex-gay" groups are need to no further than a post I made a few weeks ago. CNN did a report showing some of their - uh - techniques. The techniques included beating the crap out of your furniture with a tennis racket while screaming "mommy":

Another "technique" was for the male therapist to get into a rather close hug-and-rub with his male patient:

Yes, in your White House.

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