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The bogus war on terror in the UK

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Just a week after the highly publicized raid in East London, which involved the Metropolitan Police shooting one "suspect" during the raid, the big arrests were so fruitful that the two men arrested during the operations have been released. Quality work in action starting with intelligence right on up.

Governments really love churning up stories and spicy headlines in these cases whether we're talking the UK, US and possibly now even Canada. Plenty of fear to help push blind government support but the facts too often seem to run counter to the talking points. If we are going to have a real war on terror, we have to get a hell of a lot more serious then this.

Both had been detained under the Terrorism Act 2000, suspected of being involved in a plot to make a chemical device that could be used in a terrorist act.

They had denied any involvement in a terrorist plot and the raid, which involved 250 officers, some dressed in chemical suits, has attracted severe criticism from the local community and prominent Muslim leaders.

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