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Americans want universal health care

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So it looks like the American public has spoken on the issue and now the GOP Congress gets its chance to completely screw it up. The US did not have the money for Kyoto yet somehow "found" the same amount to fund a failed adventure in Iraq. For something as critical as the health of a nation, who wants to guess that the GOP won't be able to find the money for that but will somehow find a way to dish out more corporate welfare for Big Oil, Big Pharma and other campaign contributors? Just like the GOP watered down anti-corruption legislation, you just know they will do the same with health care despite calls for change from the nation.

The federal government should guarantee that all Americans have basic health insurance coverage, says a committee set up by Congress to find out what people want when it comes to health care.

"Assuring health care is a shared social responsibility," says the interim report of the Citizens' Health Care Working Group, a 14-member committee that went to 50 communities and heard from 23,000 people.

If you don't give money to feed the machine, you don't amount to anything with the cash & carry GOP. As long as the GOP remains in control, the average Joe will continue to be lower than whale shit in the eyes of the Republican party. Get used to it or do something about it.

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