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AIG loses data on almost 1M people

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AIG has had plenty of problems in recent years and now they have yet another. Once again it's the old stolen computer story that is happening week after week after week. As John mentioned before, the Dems have really blown it on this issue and nobody in politics seems to care unless it is their own personal data that has been lost.

Big business uses their traditional whine about the costs and of course they will have to be passed along to consumers but as Gartner Group has shown, the costs are considerably higher when the problem has to be corrected after a breach.

Personal data loss stories are happening too often and it is much more important then fluff such as flag burning and marriage amendments and patting the president on the back for the war (which I still don't get) but somehow no one gets it. The only reason I can think of for ignoring the problem is related to campaign contributions. What else could it be?

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