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Scooter-mania hits the US

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With the high cost of gas (though don't worry, it just dropped under $73 today!) Americans are turning more and more to scooters. Over here in Europe, they're everywhere and while I've always liked the look of a Vespa, there's a price to pay for them. They always remind me of Rome, watching Quadrophenia or wading through piles of scooters in Saigon. The lawnmower whine is the most awful noise pollution that sort of blends in well enough in cities but in smaller towns is downright annoying as hell. I've always been told that scooters have limited emissions regulations which means they churn out plenty of traditional pollution as well. Besides that, what really scares me about them is the ugly accidents that I see all too often in Paris and let's just say scooters and their drivers don't hold up very well in those battles against cars and trucks.

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