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MUST WATCH: CNN segment on quacks who claim they can "cure" gays

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Oh man, you really really really have to see this CNN report on these quacks who claim they can "cure" away the gay. This is the video you need to download and show to anyone who ever brings up these wackjobs ever again.

My favorite parts:

1. Where the gay guy in "therapy" says that the reason he turned gay is that he had "emotional incest" with his mom. Uh huh.

2. The wacky "ex-gay 'therapist'" showing that one way to cure yourself is to take a tennis racket and beat the crap out of a pillow while screaming your mother's name (it's totally freaky). This will help you release "hidden memories in your muscles." Yes, your muscles store memories that make you gay. And don't forget, this "therapist" is pretty much the top guy in this "field." He's one of their "best."

3. Another part of this guy's "therapy" is hugging his patients intimately, giving them the kind of close male contact their fathers never gave them. You have to see this part of the segment, it's creepy as hell.

The most telling part of the entire interview is when the reporter asks the guy who's been in 3 years of therapy, and who claims he no longer has any attraction to men, "Do you see yourself as an 'ex-gay'?" He responds that he sees himself as a much happier person.

If you read the ex-gay literature, their OWN literature, and I've read most of it doing research, they tell you outright that you will NOT become heterosexual from these treatments. You very likely won't even be really sexually attracted to women, and you most certainly won't stop being attracted to men 100%. The goal isn't to become heterosexual, it's to become closer to Jesus. Seriously, that's what they say.

And while being closer to Jesus is a very nice thing, I'm sure, it has nothing to do with "curing" homosexuality. a "cured" homosexual is a heterosexual. And the fact that these folks are avoiding those words and responses tells you the entire story.

It's just very sad.

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