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Mexican, it's the new fag

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Whatever the merits of the immigration debate, we're having it for one reason. George Bush's approval rating is at 29% and the Republicans are afraid they're going to lose control of the Congress in the fall elections.

The Republicans are afraid that they've milked gay-bashing for all they can, and even though they're going to AGAIN vote next month on an amendment to the US Constitution to make gays second class citizens, they've tried that trick before and apparently it just isn't getting them the political mileage it once did.

So what's a Republican to do who has no issues to run on, no real ideas to help the country move forward, nothing to address the real problems facing America from gas prices to the war in Iraq?

Bash a Mexican.

I'm serious. Put aside whatever your personal views are on immigration. The fact remains that there is no reason we are discussing immigration this month as though it's some massive crisis that's just exploded and needs to be addressed this moment lest it take the country down by next week. It's been a problem for a while, and will continue to be a problem for a while. But just as "Iran" was the Republicans' boogeyman last month, this month it's the invasion of the Mexicans (you'll notice you don't hear the administration freaking out about Iran's nukes any more - funny, that). They need to manufacture a crisis to get the public's attention off of the real crisis, the crisis of governance in Washington.

Immigration reform, it's fag-bashing with an accent.

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