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Is Mary Cheney trying to undercut Bill Frist on gay marriage?

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It's hard to think otherwise, considering Mary just coincidentally chose to release her new book "Now it's my turn" just weeks before the US Senate brings up the amendment to the US Constitution to ban gays from marrying, and likely eliminating most civil rights we have.

How can Mary claim this is only a coincidence? And if she does claim it's only a coincidence, does that mean Mary WON'T be using her book launch to help her own lover Heather Poe and her own community by denouncing what the Republican Congress, what her own father, are all doing by pushing this hateful gay-bashing amendment?

Inquiring minds want to know. Is Mary finally taking a stand for Heather Poe and her community, or is she once again running for the closet just in time for her father to bash us once again.

Mary in on ABC's Prime Time Live tomorrow night - let's see if she grows a pair, or even a conscience, between now and then.

And a big PS to the media. Now it's my turn? If that isn't a direct slap at the Web campaign I launched about Mary two years ago, I don't know what it.

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