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The GOP leaders should be worried about FBI raids on Capitol Hill

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The Republican leaders in the House are very upset about the FBI raid on Congressman Jefferson's office over the weekend:

The FBI's raid on a congressman's office is rippling through Capitol Hill, with majority Republicans in the House complaining to President Bush and predicting a constitutional showdown in the Supreme Court.
Let's be real here. Republican leaders have abdicated so much power to Bush, there's got to be something else going on. The real issue is how many GOP members are in hot water.

The FBI didn't raid the office of Randy "Duke" Cunningham despite his egregious illegal activity. They can't possibly ignore the other GOP members in hot water. So to make things easier for the FBI on their next Hill raids, we've prepared this handy list of sleazy GOP members and their offices:
Roy Blunt: 217 Cannon or go right to the Majority Leader's Office right in the Capitol

Ken Calvert: 2201 Rayburn

Tom DeLay: 242 Cannon (Note to FBI:you only have until June 9th, he's resigning)

John Dolittle: 2410 Rayburn

Tom Feeney: 323 Cannon

Jerry Lewis: 2112 Rayburn and check out 2359 Rayburn which is the Appropriations Committee office, too. (He's the Chair.)

Gary Miller: 1037 Longworth

Bob Ney: 2438 Rayburn (get to him fast, everyone wants a piece of Ney these days)

Richard Pombo: 2411 Rayburn

Charles Taylor: 339 Cannon
This is just a start, but it should keep the FBI busy.

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