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The DNC's gay problem

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It comes as no surprise that a week after an "unnamed" Democratic party official blasts the party publicly (well, as publicly as you can do it "unnamed") for the "racist" idea of letting New Hampshire and Iowa be the first two primaries for the presidency, we now have a very public letter from openly-lesbian African-American Democratic elder (well, younger elder) Donna Brazile saying pretty much the same thing.

Funny, though, that the diversity list in Donna's letter doesn't say anything about her own people, gays and lesbians. An oversight? Maybe not, especially after you read what Democratic party insider Paul Yandura had to say last week about the DNC's homophobia.

this is what Donna wrote, then read Paul's below.

Calendar Woes Ahead for Democrats
May 2, 2006
By Donna Brazile
Roll Call Staff

"The party must invest and court those voters now. We cannot wait until some presidential candidates are comfortable enough to address the concerns of these voters. The time is now. The Democrats are making significant inroads in state and local elections in the Deep South and West; these two regions are critical to the party's future if we're serious about becoming relevant again....

"There's no question that the voters of these states understand their importance in helping select the eventual nominee, and they work assiduously preparing for their personal time with the candidates, often in their living rooms, backyards, union halls or farms. And it is possible for these candidates to spend quality time in kitchens and front porches in Columbia, S.C., Tucson, Ariz., Reno, Nev., Birmingham, Ala., or Colorado Springs, Colo. The days of having a presumptive nominee emerge before a sizable (and diverse) percentage of Americans had an opportunity to participate are over.

"The DNC has made a commitment to rebuilding state and local affiliates, and this process must not end in 2008. It must continue beyond and into the future. Reaching out and selecting new, additional diverse states that include significant numbers of African Americans, Latinos and union members, among others, will require our presidential candidates to put forward a message that brings all Americans together - not just the privileged few."
And now for Paul's open letter - coincidence?
Dear Friends:

The Republicans have announced that they intend to use gay equality issues as a divisive election year tactic- AGAIN this year. Neither the DNC, nor any of the national committees (DCCC,DSCC), have a strategy to combat this hatred (unless you count avoidance as a strategy).

Dont believe me? Ask Howard, Ask Nancy, Ask Harry, Ask Rahm, Ask Chuck.

For many months a number of us have made appeals to Howard Dean and party officials to care about and defend the dignity of gay and lesbian families and friends, in the same way they defend the dignity of other key constituencies.

As the enclosed article shows, the DNC is fighting the vicious attacks being waged upon immigrants by the Republican party. Its the right thing to do and I applaud their action. Why then is it so difficult for them to do the same for us?

Why are gays and lesbians continually left to fight these battles alone? Where are our allies?

All progressives need to be asking how much has the DNC budgeted to counter the anti-gay ballot initiatives in the states. We also all need to know why the DNC and our Democratic leaders continue to allow the Republicans to use our families and friends as pawns to win elections.

We need answers to these questions. Until we get them my advice is don't give any more money to the Dems.


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