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CIA agent Valerie Plame was working on tracking nuclear weapons in Iran ran when Karl Rove outed her

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As Joe would say, this is huge. According to US intelligence officials, White House employee, and top Bush aide, Karl Rove destroyed Valerie Plame's career in the CIA at a time when Plame was working on tracking whether and when Iran would get nukes.

So not only was CIA agent Valerie Plame still working undercover, she was in fact working on stopping Iran from getting nuclear weapons. And senior Bush adviser Karl Rove is the person who ended her career by leaking her identity to conservative writer Bob Novak.

What the hell is Karl Rove, a known traitor, still doing working in George Bush's White House with a top-level security clearance?

Karl Rove personally set back this nation's efforts to stop Iran from getting a nuclear bomb. We are at war. And we are about to get involved in our third war, specifically because we don't have enough information about Iran's nulcear program, and part of the reason we don't is Karl Rove.

What Karl Rove did is an offense worth of treason. And what is George Bush's response to the fact that one of his top aides intentionally and maliciously hurt our ability to stop Iran from getting nukes?? Nothing. Rove is still working out of the White House, with George Bush's blessing.

There comes a time when a president's stubborness and incompetence becomes downright dangerous. George Bush should no longer be president of this country. We are at war. Are there no Republicans out there, in Congress or elsewhere, who can put their own partisanship aside for even a moment and recognize that George Bush's failings are now endangering all of our lives?

Karl Rove should be shown the door immediately. What is this man even doing with a security clearance?

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