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Wash. Post looks at Scalia's erratic behavior

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Scalia's increasingly bizarre behavior is capturing the attention of the media. He's redefining judicial temperament:

To some, Scalia's conduct shows a lack of judicial temperament -- and hurts the court. "It's sad as much as anything else," said Dennis J. Hutchinson, a former law clerk to two justices who teaches Supreme Court history at the University of Chicago. "It suggests to me a frustration with his colleagues and the left-wing kulturkampf in the academy, and it just does not add to the dignity of the office."
Maybe Scalia just has no dignity. Or maybe there's something else going on. Either way, he's just acting weird.

UPDATE: John and I were just talking about Scalia's recent behavior. It strikes me as intemperate and erratic, like something's off. John thinks Scalia may just be giving up now that he's knows he won't be Chief Justice. John wonders if he'll even stay on the Court. Poor Nino, it must be tough to know he's never going to be the Chief. But Scalia's pal Bush, who he helped make President, gave that job to a much younger conservative. Again, either way, he's acting weird for a Supreme Court Justice.

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