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Wash. Post: Bush wants to deal with Iran while he's president

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Because the invasion of Iraq was such a stunning success, the failure that is our President is now going to take care of Iran before he leaves office. Bush is beyond scary....he's out of control:

Preparations for confrontation with Iran underscore how the issue has vaulted to the front of President Bush's agenda even as he struggles with a relentless war in next-door Iraq. Bush views Tehran as a serious menace that must be dealt with before his presidency ends, aides said, and the White House, in its new National Security Strategy, last month labeled Iran the most serious challenge to the United States posed by any country.

Many military officers and specialists, however, view the saber rattling with alarm. A strike at Iran, they warn, would at best just delay its nuclear program by a few years but could inflame international opinion against the United States, particularly in the Muslim world and especially within Iran, while making U.S. troops in Iraq targets for retaliation.
Is there one sane voice in the Bush administration? We know that the GOPers in Congress (and Joe Lieberman) will give Bush whatever he wants. The only way to stop Bush is to change the leadership in Congress (and beat Lieberman in the primary).

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