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Video of my CNN appearance on Sunday

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I was on Howard Kurtz's show "Reliable Sources." I was debating Jonah Goldberg of The National Review Online, and we were talking about immigration, Iraq and Iran. A number of you missed it and asked if I had video - this site does.

And there's a MUCH higher quality version of the video here at Crooks and Liars, in both windows and mac formats (though the C&L video misses the first discussion over immigration).

John Amato at C&L was kind enough to transcribe my response to Howie Kurtz's suggestion that perhaps Bush didn't lie about the non-existent bio labs in Iraq, perhaps Bush simply didn't know that his own people had already determined that the so-called bio labs didn't really exist:

ARAVOSIS: Yes, he may have just been a total idiot, Howard, who's incompetent and out of the loop. It's possible. But what this story said was, two days before the president said we found WMD, his own people had determined that we didn't find WMD. Four months later, Vice President Cheney went on the Sunday talk shows and said, we found those bio labs. If for four months we had a team that had already determined that these were not weapons of mass destruction, and the president and the vice president were still saying they were, I have a hard time believing somebody in the administration didn't say, uh, Boss, that's not true.

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