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Some of my photos from today's Immigration March in DC

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Click on the image above to see a very large panorama shot of the mall a bit before the second wave of demonstrators arrived.

The assembled masses around 4pm or so. This was far before the peak number had arrived, and the mall was already packed.

One of the most interesting aspects of the march was just how many real people, ordinary people, not-your-typical-demonstrating-kind-of-people were there.

Flag, and flags, and flags, and flags, and flags. You simply could NOT take a photo and NOT capture an American flag. Whoever organized this march was brilliant. And I have to say, this was the first time in years that I was proud to find myself in a sea of American flags. I was actually proud of my country again, proud to be American. A couple of years ago George Bush had deadened my pride in country. It's ironic that it took a crowd of non-Americans to bring it back.

More real people. His sign says "We pay taxes" - in Spanglish, of course.

Lots and lots and lots of young people.

The fusion of Latino and American culture, in practically every person you saw, was fascinating.

More and more and more people just kept arriving.

As Joe and I were leaving around 5pm, we saw yet another wave of demonstrators coming into the mall. There were probably 10 or 20,000 in this group alone.

We are America.

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