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Feingold's got balls

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[CORRECTION: I understand that Hillary DID attend last year's gay pride event in NYC. Good for her. I stand corrected.]

There are a lot of ways to pander to potential 2008 presidential voters, and I'm pretty sure embracing same-gender marriage isn't high up on the list. (Just ask John Kerry, who was against anti-gay federal constitutional amendments before he was for them in his own state.)

It's obviously a controversial issue, and while it certainly will make gay and lesbian Americans friendlier to Feingold (to put it lightly), I'm not sure it's an issue that energizes the left across the board. Sure, lots of Dems and independents will probably agree and say "that's nice," but it's not exactly a "bring the troops home" kind of message that resonates with a broader Democratic audience.

So why did Feingold say this?

Because he's either incredibly stupid, or incredibly brave. And from what I've seen of the man over the years, it's clear he ain't stupid.

This took guts. And it's the kind of "yeah, I support it, why don't you?" kind of open, honest, direct attitude that could just get Feingold elected president.

And it also puts Hillary in a fascinating pickle.

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