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Washington Post blogger called Coretta Scott King a "communist" on the day of her funeral

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That's nice. Apparently the Washington Post is now going for the all-important racist readership in Washington, DC.

You do have to love the Post. Earlier this year they freak out when a bunch of liberal blog readers post mean comments on their blog, then they turn around and decide to re-enter the blogging fray by hiring a 24 year old kid with no journalism experience who's a far-right, FAR right, Martin-Luther-King-hating Republican writing for a rather far-right Republican blog. And this is going to help because?

I think what the other bloggers, like Jane, are saying is correct - this is gonna be fun to watch. The Washington Post is having its jump-the-shark moment. They're putting their credibility in the hands of a 24 year old kid with a proven record of being, well, a bit kooky.

The Post has two options, both of them bad. Either the Washington Post is heavily editing what this guy writes, and in that case it's no longer a real blog (can you imagine a real red-stater, or any real blogger, letting a Washington Post editor rewrite their material). Not to mention, if the Post edits what this guy writes then the Post OWNS what this guy writes as they've obviously signed off on it. Or, the kid isn't being edited at all, in which case the Post is trusting their credibility and the credibility of their real journalists, to Ann Coulter's younger brother. Because, in the end, the Post can play the game of claiming their .com doesn't represent the "real" Washington Post, but that redstate herring isn't going to work - if it says "Washington Post" at the top of the screen, that's all folks need to know.

The real irony is that right after having what they defined as a horrible experience with the blogs (i.e., people were mean), the Post decides to embrace "the blogs" by nuzzling up to its worst elements, right-winger bloggers. If the Post thought left wing blogs can be tough, I truly can't wait until they realize how bad things are on the freeper side of the digital divide. We at least actually do represent the mainstream of America - an angry mainstream, to be sure, but mainstream. The right-wing blogs represent Idaho, on a good day.

This entire Washington Post blogger experience, it's like watching a puppy walk into the Coliseum. You're horrified by what you're about to see, but at the same time, you really want to get some popcorn.

Let the games begin.

PS Don't be confused by the link I provide above, it IS the Washington Post guy who said this.

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