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Uh oh, time for another Republican blogger at the Post

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Apparently, the Post has an online writer, William Arkin, who thinks journalists are REAL Americans (that communist).

General: 'Mr. Arkin, do you consider yourself a journalist or an American.'

I took a drink of water as my blood boiled.

Me: 'Well General, because I am an American, I cherish the fact that I can call you a f***ing idiot for asking the question.'
I do hope the Post hires someone whose job it is to inform the world that journalists are NOT real Americans. They're traitors. And oh yeah, they're the reason we're losing in Iraq, I mean the reason people mistakenly believe we're losing in Iraq.

Which got me thinking of what other new Republican blogs the Washington Post will be offering soon:
  • We're winning in Iraq blog
  • I hate Muslims blog
  • The ex-gay blog
  • George Bush, competent leader blog
  • Hillary the lesbian, blog
  • Bob Woodward's ethics blog
  • Fred Hiatt's "The Art of War" blog
  • The ongoing success that is Katrina, blog
  • The successful search for WMD in Iraq blog
  • How Saddam planned 9/11 blog
  • George Bush, a popular president, blog
  • Tom Delay's "the bitch set me up" blog
  • Terri Schiavo, messages from the great beyond, blog
Please submit your suggestions in the comments.

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