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Media Matters to WaPo: "Fire bigoted blogger"

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Media Matters lays out the case for why the Washington Post should can their new ultra-right wing blogger:

Examples of Domenech's views include:
In a February 7 post on RedState, Domenech wrote that he believed people should be "pissed" that President Bush attended "the funeral of a Communist" -- referring to the funeral for Coretta Scott King. As you know, labeling the King family "communists" was a favorite tool of the racists who opposed them.

In another RedState post, Domenech compared "the Judiciary" unfavorably to the Ku Klux Klan.

In still another RedState comment, Domenech posted without comment an article stating that "[i]t just happens that killing black babies has the happy result of reducing crime" and that "[w]hite racists have reason to be grateful for what is sometimes still called the civil rights leadership" because black leaders "are overwhelmingly in support" of abortion rights.

In yet another, Domenech wrote that conservative blogger/journalist Andrew Sullivan, who is gay, "needs a woman to give him some stability."
It would be bad enough if the Washington Times hired a blogger with this history. Maybe that's what the Post aspires to be these days. They've given up the legacy of Katherine Graham to worship at the altar of Reverend Moon.

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