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Markos does not represent the far left

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Finally, someone in the mainstream media, gets it. And it's Peter Beinart, which is kind of interesting right there, since a lot of the blogosphere has been kind of miffed at Peter for some of his why-can't-we-be-just-like-Republicans writings (yeah, I'm over-simplifying).

Anyway, coming from not your usual leftie, this is a good epiphany, and even better that it's in the NYT, and in a rather excellent review of Markos' and Jerome's new book (you can order it via the top of the DKos site). Good on all accounts.

Here's what Peter had to say:

What Moulitsas, along with his co-author, emphatically does not sound like is a denizen of the far left. Ever since Howard Dean's presidential campaign, from which many of the party's Internet-based critics sprang, commentators have depicted the liberal blogosphere as a revolt against the centrism of the Clinton years. But "Crashing the Gate" is explicitly nonideological. "Even though we have described the obstacles to modernizing the progressive movement," they write, "our criticisms aren't fueled by significant disagreements of vision." Most people in the Democratic Party basically want the same thing, they suggest. The insiders are just too timid and outdated to achieve it.
We want to win.

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