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The lesson, my friends...

| Reddit | Tumblr | Digg | FARK that no matter what you do, Rush Limbaugh is going to crow about it, Ken Mehlman is going to do a mass-mailing about it, and the American Family Association will launch a boycott over it.

And even if you choose to do nothing, all of them will still attack you, claiming that you did something you didn't do.

So the choice for Democrats is to sit on their asses and do nothing, while Republicans criticize them unjustly, or to launch an all-out attack on the GOP while the Republicans criticize them unjustly.

This NYT article about the Feingold censure resolution is simply absurd. As an election ploy, the Republicans want to declare all out the-sky-is-falling war against a straw-man, a going-nowhere-fast resolution offered by one single Senator, with barely any other Democratic support. It's all bull, but the GOP want to rally their base, and lying isn't past them, it's their standard operating procedure.

So how does the NYT respond?

Does it say, gosh, there really isn't much of a story here. The Republicans have been using the bogeyman about impeachment to motivate their base for a while now, and Feingold's resolution, well, it was nice but it didn't do much. Oh no. The NYT rises to the occasion and gives the Republicans a big wet kiss, an article talking about how this one highly-unlikely resolution has revived the ailing Republican party from the brink of disaster.

Give me a fracking break.

And the NYT fell for the GOP spin, like they always do, and ran a story validating something based on absolutely nothing.

It really is amazing watching the almost-invisible contest taking place between the NYT and the Washington Post, each trying to produce articles just a bit crappier and more biased than the other, in order to see who can suck up more to the GOP while overseeing the dismantlement of our entire democracy.

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