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Did the Post fire the Republican blogger

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Sounds like something happened, by his own words:

Domenech said he was disappointed pulled the plug so quickly after the blog was launched.

“I guess the thing that bothers me the most about this is that the Post didn’t give this a chance to either blow over or work itself out,” he said. “And I feel that if they had done that, the blog would have been a great addition to their site.”
Pulled the plug so quickly? He's been saying all day that HE quit. The only thing we know is that the Washington Post was investigating the charges of plagiarism. If they're all so innocent, as he asserts in the interview and on the RedState blog today, then how did the Post "pull the plug" if all they were doing were investigating the charges?

Sounds like something happened behind the scenes that he's not telling us about.

Then again, consider the source.

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