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Bush's new "evidence" re Saddam and al Qaeda - Take II

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Oh, this is even better. ABC News reports the release of the following document that you just know Bush will use to "prove" that Iraq was working with bin Laden:

"Osama bin Laden and the Taliban"

Document dated Sept. 15, 2001

An Iraqi intelligence service document saying that their Afghani informant, who's only identified by a number, told them that the Afghani Consul Ahmed Dahastani claimed the following in front of him:

That OBL and the Taliban are in contact with Iraq and that a group of Taliban and bin Laden group members visited Iraq.

That the U.S. has proof the Iraqi government and "bin Laden's group" agreed to cooperate to attack targets inside America....
Ok, so if we're to believe that this is "proof" of Iraq and bin Laden working together, then we also must believe the second point in this super secret document from the same source - namely, that the US had proof four days after September 11 that the Iraqi government and bin Laden had agreed to cooperate to attack targets inside the US. If that's true, then why four and a half years after September 11 has the Bush administration not released this definitive proof? Not only that, but the Bush administration doesn't even allege that Saddam was working with Al Qaeda to attack targets in the US.

The US never had such proof, the source in this document is bogus. But why is Bush suddenly releasing all these non-credible documents? To confuse the public and bolster his case based on a lie.

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