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Bush's battle cry for 2006: fear and scare

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As Bush goes out on the campaign trail to raise money and actually appear with the candidates who aren't worried about his low approval ratings, he is giving his standard "scare America" speech:

At a luncheon fundraiser here, Bush repeatedly called Sodrel an indispensable ally in fighting terrorism, and emphasized his support for the military and a robust U.S. foreign policy. Sodrel, he said, "understands this is a nation at war" against terrorists intent on striking America again. It is imperative that voters elect candidates who know that "there is an enemy which hates those of us who embrace freedom and would like to strike us again."
Can Democrats please start reminding voters that Bush was President when Al Qaeda attacked us? He was warned about the attack on August 6, 2001 and stayed on vacation. (Just like he did when Katrina was destroying the gulf coast)

Bush has been trying for years to prove his manhood and cover up that mistake. Unfortunately, those efforts have not made us safer. And, yes, we are a "nation at war." It's a war Bush started and which he claimed we'd won three years ago. His war is a disaster and he has no plan. We need a Congress that puts a check on Bush's dangerous incompetence, not another GOP Congress that gives him a blank check.

Apparently, he's also pulling out that old "taxes" chestnut of the GOP, too:
He warned the crowd that Democrats will raise taxes and harm the economy if they are elected. "If you want the government in your pocket, vote Democrat," Bush said.
Interesting choice of words from the President who whose intrusiveness and willingness to violate the privacy of Americans is unprecedented. The GOP wants to get in to more than the pockets of Americans. If you want the government in your bedroom, in your sex life, in your internet files, in your family decisions, in on your phone calls, in every aspect of your personal life, vote Republican.

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