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ABC News discovers "the Internets"

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Read this article, then tell me that ABC isn't being just a tad naive about the Internet.

Call me crazy, but maybe the reason only 31% of the nation thinks the media is making Iraq sound worse than it really is, yet the majority of emails received by ABC on the matter in the past few days say the exact opposite, is because ABC is the victim of an online swarm campaign by conservatives.

Are you people that naive?

They even put the subtitle to the article as "Majority of Viewers Feel Iraq Coverage Is Flawed."

Oh great. So now ABC can hire a Republican blogger to even out their coverage, tell us that Iraq is really going well, that 60 people a day aren't really dying, that they don't really only have electricity for 5 hours a day (just imagine that, 5 hours a day, what happens to business during the rest of the day, fax machines, phones, computers, what happens to your fridge and your freezer, and what happens during the summer when its 130 degrees (for real) and your AC doesn't work 19 hours a day). No, don't report on any of that because ABC got lots of emails telling them they're biased.

And I thought naivete about the Internet was the exclusive realm of the Washington Post.

Oh yeah. And ABC, please tell Bob Woodruff that the majority of your viewers think he didn't really almost die.

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